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The Best Commercials from Super Bowl 53

Here are the Top 5 of my favorite commercials from Super Bowl 53.

1. The 100-Year Game (NFL)

What’s not to like. Two minutes of absolute fun, featuring past greats, future stars, and a few surprises. The NFL definitely took this one to the house.

2. Chance the Rapper X Backstreet Boys (Doritos)

“I Want It That Way” has never sounded better. (Never thought I would be saying that.) Chance brought his signature flo to a boom-bop beat, and left me, and the room, with huge smiles on our faces. The genuine feel-good vibe, and use of color is what cemented this into my Top 5.

3. More Than OK (Pepsi)

Steve Carrell. Need I say more?! First off, as a ‘Coke’ guy, I understand the frustration of having to choose between Pepsi and nothing. I love the way Pepsi took the awkward time, and spun that into something fresh. Cue Lil Jon and Cardi B’s signatures, and add Carrell’s ‘A-Okay’ hand motion and we have a fun-filled tv sport for the not-Coke drink. OKAY!

4. Change Up The Usual (Stella Artois)

The Dude abides, and so do I. When you take something as iconic as a character’s drink order and pull the ole switch-a-roo on the audience you end up with a winner on your hands. Add The Most Interesting Man in the World and it becomes the olives in a perfectly made martini.

5. Cashew (Audi)

I love that Audi paid $5 million dollars to promote a car that won’t even be available for another 6 years. Suddenly, the man is jolted, you realize he was dying the whole time. (The main protagonist is the title character) It was a unique take on what happens when you die, and I appreciate the comedic approach. Utilizing Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” over the title-cards was the perfect choice to close it out.


Honorable Mentions

Wind Never Felt Better

I’m a sucker for Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ In The Wind”, and when you pair it with the picturesque landscape it becomes a very satisfying 30-seconds.

We All Win (Microsoft)

I’m not crying, you’re crying. Microsoft went straight for the heartstrings and it worked. Complete with all the feels, the commercial also showcases the best of what technology can bring into our everyday lives.

That will wrap us up. I hope you had fun reading along, and enjoyed watching these as much as I did. I mean they were better than the actual game right?!?! =)

Until next year.

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